Estimate Your Shipping Cost

Eshop N We Ship made estimating your shipment an easy task, before you start shipping, please take a minute and look over our prohibited Items as these items may vary from one country to another.

Shipments are calculated based on total weight and dimensions. Keep in mind certain products have duties and taxes at destination countries. Upon receiving your items we will inspect them for you for accuracy or damages. We offer convenient services such as inspection and photo taking of the product prior t shipping to ensure accurate ordered products for a small fee ($ 5.00 / up to three pictures)

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Services/ Fees

Eshop N We Ship offers unique services for our customers. Our services include:

  • One time membership $ 35.00
  • Shop Assist services $ 35.00 per item/ Shop assist form
  • Gift wrapping service $ 10.00
  • Insurance fee: $ 2.00 per each hundred dollars of insurance.
  • Boxes inspection & photos $ 5.00 (Up to 5 pictures)
  • Freight storage / consolidation services $ 100.00 (Account set Up)
    • Boxes consolidation $ 10.00 / Up to 6 packages
    • Palletization $ 10.00 / 48”X 40” X56”
    • Boxes/ Pallets storage (check with Customer service)